Brits spend two years with a hangover

A recent survey of over 1,000 Brits showed that the average person will spend more than two years of their life with a hangover.

Hungover britsThe average Brit will suffer from headaches, nausea and fatigue for around 5 hours a week – usually a Sunday caused by a hard drinking session.

Unsurprisingly, those aged between 18-24 were more likely to suffer from the ill effects of drinking. The average 18-24 year will suffer from hangovers twice a week and will take 6 hours to recover.

But, it’s not just the younger generation that are over indulging, those aged 65 and over also suffer from increased hangovers and take on average 7 hours to recover.

During the course of a lifetime, alcohol delivery service, alcohol delivery service,Booze Up – who commissioned the survey – estimate that the average Brit will spend 682 days, or nearly 2 years, suffering with a hangover. A figure they calculated by multiplying the average amount of time people spent hungover each month with the average life expectancy.

Co-founder of Booze Up, Ashleigh Fletcher said: “It’s well known that hangovers affect just about everybody, but it’s shocking to think that as a nation we spend nearly two years of our lives feeling lousy.

The figures, released today, also show that there is a gender divide, with the average woman taking one hour longer to recover from a hangover than their male counterparts.

Further findings show that people in Scotland are much more likely to have a hangover, with 20 per cent of Scots experiencing 5 hangovers or more each month compared to 6 per cent of Brits.

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