Lemon curd ice cream from New Forest

New Forest Ice Cream’s newest flavour, Continental Lemon Curd, combines a traditional recipe with real lemon curd and a squeeze of juice.

Lemon Curd Ice CreamThis new flavour has been made without cream to help, the makers say, the zesty tones of the curd ripple remain evident throughout. Its rich texture is designed to provide bite, while the deep colour of the ripple aims to help the ice cream to stand out, whether scooped on a cone or used to complement another dessert.

With the launch, New Forest Ice Cream’s director, Christina Veal comments: “We have been producing varieties of lemon ice cream for years, however none have compared to the wonderful flavour and rich, deep colour of our new Continental Lemon Curd. With the tangy, sweet but sharp taste coming from the curd ripple and the smooth, indulgent texture being a result of the continental base, designed to offer a light product that accentuates the flavour, we are confident that this new launch will quickly become one of the most popular varieties in our range.


Author: The Host

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