New Forest introduce festive ice cream flavours

For many in the pub trade, September and October are months in which thoughts turn to the lucrative festive period and how they can make the most of a Christmas offering. A trio of festive ice cream flavours released by New Forest Ice Cream aim to help operators do just that.

Festive ice creamThe three new flavours in their festive ice cream range are, indulgent Mince Pie ice cream, the on-trend Gin and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet and the newest of the three flavours, the show stopping Bucks Fizz sorbet. Each made using only the finest ingredients including real shortcake, Hampshire gin and sparkling white wine, the festive trio is sure to complete any festive menu and provide a true essence of Christmas.

Each of the three flavours in the festive range are made in the traditional New Forest way and produced in a nut free environment:

Mince Pie Ice Cream – Made using a blend of brandy ice cream, interspersed with pieces of real shortcake pastry and mincemeat pieces, the ice cream gives a warming winter feel combined with the indulgent taste of the fresh double cream.

Gin & Pink Grapefruit Sorbet – A partnership with Twisted Nose, a local Hampshire craft distillery, Gin and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet aims to offer a refreshing treat. The bitterness of the gin is cut with the balance of vibrant pink grapefruit juice to provide a fresh palate cleansing flavour.

Bucks Fizz Sorbet – Blending the vibrant citrus notes of orange with the light, refreshing taste of its sparkling white wine base, this cocktail themed sorbet offers a deep, rich colour and light texture.

Christina Veal, director of New Forest Ice Cream adds:

“Christmas has always been a time of dedicated menu’s, celebration and special gatherings with friends, family and colleagues. To make your menu really stand out, why not add one of the flavours from our festive trio? Mince Pie Ice Cream delivers that authentic taste of Christmas, while our Gin & Pink Grapefruit and the new Bucks Fizz sorbets deliver spectacular entrées, a delightful surprise between courses or exceptional lighter alternatives to traditional desserts.”

Author: The Host

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