New portal helps maintain staff workwear consistency

Bespoke corporate clothing manufacturer for the hospitality sector, Style Uniforms, has launched an on-line ordering portal, offering customers the potential to make cost savings whilst maintaining consistency over their staff workwear branding.

staff workwearTo help make the customer experience easier, Style Uniforms developed an on-line re-ordering system that can be specifically tailored to each client. It has been designed specifically to allow customers with multiple outlets to maintain control over expenditure and staff workwear branding consistency.

Commenting on the launch, Style Uniforms director, Chris Baldran said: “We found that some customers experienced difficulties when orders from various outlets in the chain became inconsistent. This led to re-orders, lost time and the brand being presented inconsistently. We designed the portal so that any manager in a brand chain can log on and order any number of an item in whatever colour, style or size they need; but they are only ever presented with choices that have been approved by head office. This reduces errors, saves time and money and means that no matter where customer is located, the staff always order only the approved clothing with the correct brand designs on them.

As well as the potential for cost control the system allows much faster simultaneous order placing by multiple employees, eliminating the need for one person to act as a central contact point for re-orders.

A huge amount of work goes into getting a brand image right, and nothing represents the brand more than employees, so they have to look the part. We spend a considerable time with our clients in the designing of uniforms and corporate clothing so that all members of staff are perfect looking ambassadors for their brands. What our Portal now adds is peace of mind in the re-ordering process as all orders are cross-referenced with purchase orders and if an item of clothing is discontinued, it becomes instantly unavailable to order, which again maintains consistency of brand image in front of customers,” says Chris Baldran.

Author: The Host

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