Nina Bakery launching frozen pita range at lunch!

Nina Bakery, a leading producer of artisan pita bread, is launching its new range of ‘no tear’, stone oven pitas in the UK on 24 and 25th September at lunch!, the United Kingdom’s leading contemporary food to go show.

Nina Bakery 3The bakery’s show centerpiece is a cocktail size pita, which has been designed specifically for appetizers, tapas and cocktail hors d’œuvres. At just 6cm, the micro pita demonstrates that when baked well even the smallest of pitas will remain intact.

The new range is supplied to the trade frozen with an 18 month shelf life and available in a selection of sizes – the 6 cm, 18 gram ‘cocktail’, to the 18cm, 200 gram XL – and in a variety of shapes.

Like all Nina Bakery products, the new range of pitas are made using only traditional, artisan methods they claim gives a higher quality bake and results is a superior pita of restaurant quality. The pitas, are produced using only the purest ingredients with no preservatives and additives and are baked with minimum quantities of yeast and no added sugar or fat. So Nina’s pitas are clean-label which means no preservatives and improvers (E numbers) are used.

They are also produced using slow-food methods. “Today there are many quickly produced products which just don’t taste the same because they are mass produced and as cheaply as possible,” said Nina Bakery’s CEO, Pierre Nehmeh. “That’s why we have returned to traditional methods – the resultant taste is just so much better.”

“Because of the bake quality and because they do not tear easily, Nina’s pita breads are perfect for sandwich fillings” he explained. “Our products, which are of restaurant quality, are perfectly suited to the catering industry and retail food outlets”.

Author: The Host

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