Nine ways Mobile Point of Sale can boost your profits

Rest2Mobile Point of Sale (POS) is much more than iPad ordering, the technology is now a no-brainer for transforming business efficiency and increasing revenue. Lightspeed explain how and outline nine key benefits of a cloud based solution.

Technology is only good when it helps us. A phone used to be a phone, and then smart phones arrived…. Be it Satnav, a microwave or a dishwasher, until you are using something everyday, you don’t really know how useful it is.

At Lightspeed we think using mobile technology in the pub business is the same. Lots of leading operators are now using mobile point of sale – it’s one of the hottest technology trends in the business, but from the outside looking in, it can appear to be all about taking an order on an iPad instead of a paper pad.

In reality, cloud-based mobile POS can completely transform a business, increasing customer spend and satisfaction and giving operators better control, efficiency and oversight on speed of service and payments, staff performance, menus and much more.

Lightspeed EPOSCloud-based means the whole system is based on the internet, on a website, instead of a computer or server. This means complete mobility – managers and staff do everything on mobile devices like iPads, including menu setup, workflow setup, descriptions, taking orders, sending orders and managing floor plans.

There are many, many benefits to a cloud-based mobile POS. Here are nine of the most important ones.

1: Chop your infrastructure costs

A cloud-based mobile POS doesn’t burn a hole in your budget. Upfront costs are dramatically lower than a non-mobile POS — no more expensive computers, workstations, or servers to buy. You just need mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones, an internet connection, and a subscription to a cloud-based mobile POS provider.

You can also up your ‘green’ credentials as you dispense with the costly requirements of your energy-hungry server.

Those frequent, expensive updates? They’re a thing of the past. You’ll always be accessing the latest, most-up-to-date version from the web.

For most POS systems, a breakdown means ordering replacement parts, which must then be shipped, delivered, and installed, usually in more time than you want to wait. With a cloud-based mobile POS, the only thing you need to replace is an iPad or iPhone.

2: Less clutter, more coverage and reliability

Say hello to cleaner counter spaces and less clutter. The only things taking up space are printers, payment hardware and a WiFi router hidden in the back of your pub.

Staff can carry mobile devices with them, which means no more forgotten dessert orders from the patio or slow drink service at the garden tables. Wait staff enter orders right on a mobile device, no matter where they are in the pub.

A good cloud-based mobile POS system provides backup in the event that anything happens to your internet access. These include fall back routers or offline solutions, which allow you to keep operating when your internet service provider can’t.

3: Increase order efficiency and payment speed

Lightspeed-demo-1Orders sent through a cloud-based pub POS arrive at the kitchen or bar in milliseconds. If you’re managing line-ups during peak dining hours, those saved minutes can add up to significant pounds.

You choose where your order goes: head chef, line cook, cold food station, hot food station, salad station, dessert station or bar.

Depending on your payment processor, payment can be accepted on the device, including cash, debit and credit cards. A cloud-based mobile POS gives you the option to email or print receipts for customers.

4: Change menus quickly and easily

With “going local” once again topping the charts as most important food trend of the year, pubs need an easy way to change their menus based on what’s in season. A cloud-based mobile POS makes changing menus a snap.

Managers can access menus from the web. With the right login credentials and an internet connection, you can change menu information anytime, anywhere — working from home, while on the road, visiting suppliers, or even overseas!

5: It grows along with you

Any pub considering one-off events, outside catering, or opening a whole new venture will see significant benefits from a cloud-based mobile POS. Just bring an iPhone or iPad with a way to connect to the internet, and you’re ready to create orders. The system doesn’t depend on hardware so it can expand as quickly as you do.

If you have IT staff helping you, they’ll want to know if your POS can easily talk to other systems and programs. A good cloud-based mobile POS allows you to quickly integrate digital signage, online reservation systems, accounting packages, and other services as you need them.

6: Ensure stellar customer service

For customers with allergies or food restrictions, it matters where and how the food was prepared. Now staff and customers have up to date information to hand as you can you add detailed information on menus and menu items, including detailed supplier information.

Many cloud-based POS systems allow you to create customer profiles, complete with bar tabs and order histories. Staff members can offer your best customers “the usual”, even when they’re new to the job.

Some cloud-based pub POS systems allow you to create prompts that pop-up when a customer places an order, for upsell opportunities such as matched sides or drinks.

If your food looks good, show your customers. A cloud-based mobile POS can let you show off a full-screen photo of your plates and other items on an iPad.

7: Manage floor plans with a few swipes

That party of four suddenly grows to eight? A good mobile POS lets you move tables around quickly and easily right on the device. You can keep your eyes on the pub floor. No need to dive behind the desk to an out-of-the-way workstation.

Your virtual floor plan can mirror the actual floor plan. Avoid serving errors by helping busy servers, food runners, and new staff quickly pick up on any changes made to the layout.

8: Maintain oversight

With a cloud-based mobile POS, you can keep your eye on the money, even when you’re not there. Run reports, check an audit trail, or review daily and hourly sales, all from your mobile device.

A cloud-based mobile POS allows you to create user accounts for each individual employee. Accounts come with customizable security settings; you determine what employees can access, such as opening a cash drawer, permission to discount, changing the floor plan or accessing financial reports.

9: Get up and running in a matter of hours

A cloud-based mobile POS requires no installation. Setup printers, pub information, workflows, and menu information in the system — and you’re good to go. As with any system, a good pub POS provides good technical assistance, as well as a strong network of local partners to help with setup. Your cloud-based mobile POS should be no different.


The last thing you want to worry about in your business is technology. A cloud-based mobile POS takes away the hassle of system and hardware management. Choosing a cloud-based mobile POS will ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to, while maintaining control over what matters most.

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