Ur-In-Goal help your customers shoot straight during Euro 2016

Timed perfectly for Euro 2016 next month, the interestingly named Ur-In-Goal have a fun way to keep your ‘facilities’ cleaner and get your customers talking.

Ur-In-GoalIn case you don’t follow urinal history that closely, back in the late 1990s, Schiphol airport introduced stickers of flies to their urinals in an effort to encourage men to focus more on their aim. The result was an 80% reduction in spillages and such was the success that the tactic was widely introduced.

Seeing the benefits, and indeed the opportunity, the Ur-In-Goal team decided to take the principle to the next level. They believed that with the fly being a static object the incentive to aim is short lived, it has maximum impact when first used but once men find the object is immovable the incentive is lessened.

So, acknowledging the popularity of the beautiful game they developed their Football Urinal Mats which still offer an incentive for accuracy but with the added benefit of a movable object, the football. The football urinal mats have a ball hung in the centre of a goal, as the ball is ‘targeted’ it swings, moving in and out of the goal. As a result, the desire to push it back in the goal gives a continued incentive for accuracy.

“They get people talking” commented Ur-In-Goal’s Lloyd Thomas. “We get a high number of our customers telling us that people leave the urinals with this being their immediate topic of conversation. It is something they didn’t expect and haven’t seen before.”

The novelty factor combines with their ability to help minimise health risks from wet, soiled floors and the way they can improve customer perceptions of your venue’s overall cleanliness. The result is a simple but clever product that can offer real benefits – at a time when the impact should be high.


Author: The Host

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