Review of the 2021 model of Volkswagen ID 4 Pro S: An excellent electric vehicle marred by minor flaws

Review of the 2021 model of Volkswagen ID 4 Pro S: An excellent electric vehicle marred by minor flaws

Volkswagen’s ID 4 is the company’s first all-electric SUV and its first global EV. This vehicle is doing a lot of things correctly right out of your gate. Inside, the ID 4 is spacious and comfortable, with a smooth powertrain and plenty of standard driver aids. It also boasts a competitive range for the mass-market Electric Vehicle. This cheerful-looking VW appears to be completely lovely on the surface, but the real deal is always in the details, and it’s the little things that add up.

But first, let’s start with some positive news. The ID 4 Pro S interior is unexpectedly luxurious, appearing and feeling like it’s from Volvo in many aspects. The dashboard’s straightforward arrangement is modern and effective, with its infotainment screen-oriented slightly toward the driver. Many of the surfaces have rich, geometric designs, but there are many soft plastics, and all are meticulously built.

Front bucket seats, which have 12-way power with massaging functions, are standard on Pro S versions. Surprisingly, these chairs have armrests that look like they belong in a minivan. They may appear weird in an SUV, but they’re comfortable and adjustable, locking in several positions for added comfort. A well-thought-out and multifunctional center console is also located between those seats. It not only has plenty of storage and a roll-top cover, but it also has a wireless charging pad, American-sized cup holders, and four USB-C connections, two in the front and two in the back.

Another of the ID 4’s strong advantages is the backseat. There’s plenty of room in all 3 dimensions, the seats are well-cushioned, and the floor is practically flat, all of which contribute to this VW’s suitability as a people-hauler. When it comes to transporting stuff, the ID 4 isn’t bad either. There’s over 30 cubic feet of space behind the rear backrest and over 64 cubic feet when the backrest is folded down, which is comparable to the larger Volkswagen Tiguan. The ID 4 lacks a front trunk, unlike several of its competitors.

Moving on, the ID 4 comes standard with a 10-inch infotainment display. However, the Pro S and First Edition models get a 12-inch. Wireless smartphone mirroring via the Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay are included in each case.

The touchscreen on the upper level creates a wonderful first impression. It’s bright, crisp, and simple to find. Unfortunately, the onboard infotainment software leaves a lot to be desired. The learning curve is severe because various aspects of the user interface, such as how to go to the home screen or find the radio station you are currently listening to, are confusing. The system’s responsiveness, however, is far worse than the menu structure. When scrolling between displays or pinching as well as zooming on the map, it constantly delays. It even flat-out misses’ inputs at times, which is frustrating.

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