Waunakee Utilities reduces the price of renewable energy for its consumers

Waunakee Utilities reduces the price of renewable energy for its consumers

Customers and stakeholders in Public Power communities across Dane county celebrate Public Power Week every year to learn how they may better interact with the community-possessed utility and profit from its offers. This year’s festival will take place from October 3 to 9. The company is cutting the prices of Choose Renewable program in honour of Public Power Week and consumer appreciation.

Choose Renewable, one of Waunakee Utilities’ most popular initiatives, allows customers to buy renewable energy blocks, ensuring that their businesses and homes are fuelled by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biogas.

Waunakee Utilities General Manager Tim Herlitzka noted, “We created Choose Renewable program in order to meet customer requirements for renewable energy sources.” “The best thing about the program is that anyone may participate.” It’s a minimal charge, and you can use sustainable energy even if one rents an apartment.”

Renewable energy has become more affordable in recent years, and Waunakee Utilities is transferring those savings on to its customers. Every 300-kWh chunk of renewable energy is going to cost $2 for every month beginning immediately, down from $3 per month previously. With the acquisition of 2 – 3 blocks, an average household can run on renewable energy.

“According to a recent poll, 81 percent of respondents claimed that using fewer fossil fuels was one of their key motivations for participating in the program. Many individuals in our communities want to embrace renewable energy, and so this program makes it possible for them to do so at a low cost. This price reduction will make the program more available to even more people, which is a win for the local communities, renewable power, and the environment,” said Markie Bscherer, who serves as the energy services manager at the WPPI Energy and the program’s leader.

During the month of October, Waunakee Utilities customers can join up for the Choose Renewable Program and be entered into a drawing to win a self-fuelled electric lawnmower. For each block purchased by new players, participants are going to receive one entry.

Customers are also invited to bring non-perishable food to donate to Waunakee Food Pantry. For doing so, the customer gets a free LED bulb (one for each home, while supplies last). During the month of October, things can be left off during Waunakee Utilities’ regular business hours.

Waunakee Utilities is a community-owned and run electric, water, and wastewater company that serves over 4,000 clients in and around Waunakee. Their objective at Waunakee Utilities is simple and straightforward: to deliver low-cost, dependable power and water service with the hometown, personal touch.

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