Tension Between Ibai Llanos And Juanma Castaño In Their Face To Face After Controversy

The interview that Messi granted Ibai Llanos after his signing for PSG has aroused suspicions among sports journalists. Juanma Castaño was surprised to see that the footballer spoke with the streamer while the ‘classic’ informants were left unable to chat with him after 21 years in Spain.

“I don’t understand anything,” Castaño said in a tweet that caused quite a stir . Many hit him because they considered that he was attacking Ibai and others launched a wake-up call to the usual communicators to put the batteries, something that has even more outraged Cope’s announcer.

Castaño explained himself in a second tweet and, in addition, he wanted to chat with Ibai Llanos on his own Twitch channel to make it clear that his complaint was not directed at the streamer , but at the athlete. “I have never despised your work.

I swear to you that in my life I have split from you, from what you do. I have split from the position we are in, not from what you do. no guilt, you’re doing it as a fucking mother, “said Castaño at the beginning of their meeting.

“That’s a lie. I saw 27 accredited media,” replied Ibai, who was listening carefully. “From Spain, I mean. Messi has been 21 years. Many journalists have treated you like a whore, many journalists have given him covers, chronicles … Couldn’t they be in the stadium?”, Insisted Castaño.

“Do you think I mess with you being with Messi?” Asked the announcer. “What happens is that directly or indirectly it is understood that the attack is on me. The one who is there is me,” replied Ibai Llanos.

“What can not be is that journalists say ourselves that we have to change because Messi has chosen Ibai. What I have to do to talk to Messi?” Brown asked, remembering that in the partidazo Cope “we have had the best year.” “How can they say that I am dying as a journalist?” He insisted with a tone of indignation.

“Another circumstance is occurring, where other communicators appear and the footballers do not want interviews where they are bitten a bit And they are more comfortable with you. What do I have to do, be Ibai at night?”, Castaño repeated.

“No, but there are footballers who have been uncomfortable with some journalists for many years,” Ibai answered before his interlocutor, who acknowledged that he “did not understand” this new form of communication. “I would like to have spoken with Messi, but I do not charge my frustration in this type of tweet,” he wanted to make clear.

Ibai Llanos, to Juanma Castaño: “You have despised my work”
“I understand that a sports journalist touches the nose that Messi talks to me,” said Ibai. “Maybe your problem is ignorance,” the streamer continued . “You have despised my work in the tweet that you have put,” he added.

“No!” Castaño jumped quickly. “Yes, because you said you don’t understand. Your lack of understanding is what am I doing there?” disrespect.

Siro López, also invited to the talk, then intervened to comment that “Juanma is not criticizing Ibai, but the PSG communication department because there were no more journalists or communicators from Spain” in Messi’s presentation.

“I do not want to look like a face because I have nothing against Ibai,” repeated Castaño, who believed that the streamer’s work was compatible with that of lifelong journalism, which should not be denigrated.

“I wanted to talk about it at your house so that they don’t think that I was taking you to the radio to make a profit. I have nothing against you,” Castaño said. “It bothers me what is happening to us and that we ourselves say that we are doing shit.”

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