The Essentials Of SEO Web Positioning

The Essentials Of SEO Web Positioning

On the list of concerns for marketers, achieving SEO positioning in Google is one of the most prominent. The search engine is the entry point that many consumers follow to reach products, services and brands. Appearing in the first results of the search engine pages is important in terms of conversion but also of reputation.

Therefore, companies must take care of their SEO strategy, optimizing as much as possible what they do and how to achieve the best possible results. However, for many marketers, SEO is more questions than answers.

There are few who doubt about how to refer to your website and how to get the best results. Getting to the first search results is not easy – at least when you want to achieve it organically and not using paid search – but it is feasible.

To achieve this, the first thing marketers must do is follow expert sources and sign the most suitable partners to help them in this work. Reading the advice given by the experts in web positioning and their recommendations in SEO, such as in the Eskimoz blog , helps to understand what to do and what practices are not the most appropriate.

The race for referrals
Once you have some basic knowledge, it is time to work and design an efficient SEO strategy. One of the key points of the strategy to position a web page is to achieve a good flow of references. That is, it is in getting other sites to refer to the page itself. It seems, at first glance, quite complicated, but if things are done well it is not so much.

First of all, working with keywords is equally important in this area. Choosing the right keywords that will function as a base element to position a text is essential. Brands must choose specific terms that are closely connected to what they are and what they offer, because opting for keywords that are too broad or too vague will not help at all to reach the top positions in search results.

The competition will be too high and the target audience will also be too diffuse. Second, the content is also crucial. Writing for SEO and writing ‘well’ are no longer at odds, as they seemed to be a few years ago.

If a decade ago search engines rewarded the repetition of words and the greatest possible simplicity in the texts, now they have become sophisticated enough to know what is well written and what is not. The texts must therefore be of quality , with relevant information and with a careful writing.

This will help not only to be prioritized by search bots, but also to the reading experience. The visitor will appreciate the text and will get a good impression of the brand. This perception will also help to gain something that every SEO strategy appreciates: backlinks .

It is much more likely that quality text will be linked that manages to be seen as an expert source and, above all, that those links will be obtained from high-value pages, such as the media. And, thirdly, you have to be very clear that this is a constant job, in which you can never lower your guard. Marketers must be constantly analyzing what they do and what they achieve.

The data is crucial, but also having enough capacity to adapt at all times to what that information tells us. Doing SEO audits on a regular basis, for example, is essential to ensure that what is being done is still correct and to detect areas of potential failure to resolve.

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