Putin Invites Foreigners To Go To Russia To Get Vaccinated

Putin Invites Foreigners To Go To Russia To Get Vaccinated

The Russian president specifies that the interested parties will have to pay for the inoculation. He praises again the effectiveness of Spútnik V and charges against critical governments for prioritizing “politics” over the “protection” of citizen health.

Russia will soon open its doors to health tourism . The president of the country, Vladimir Putin, announced this Friday, during the plenary session of the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum , that he was preparing to order his government to draw up a plan, within a month, so that foreign citizens can enter Russian territory and be administered, upon payment , one of the four vaccines designed by local scientists, including the famous Spútnik V.

“I know that given the effectiveness of our vaccines, the demand is high”, has valued the leader of the Kremlin.

The maximum Russian president has launched countless congratulations to the injectable devised by the Muscovite Gamaleya Institute , which since its appearance has been involved in controversy, and has lashed out strongly against those countries and institutions that, or have not approved its use, such as Brazil , or they are still pending to make a final assessment , like the EU. He insisted that the effectiveness of the Russian substance is “96%” and that so far ” no fatal cases ” had been registered among those vaccinated.

In fact, the already famous study published by the scientific publication ‘ The Lancet’in February it attributes a protection of 92% , a percentage lower than that proclaimed by Putin in the second Russian city, although it is, yes, higher than other equivalent drugs designed by Western pharmaceutical companies. In addition, these results were later questioned by a group of scientists in an open letter sent to the publication and described as “very peculiar”.

“In the current situation this seems unwilling to protect their own citizens from the threat. Unfortunately, as the popular saying goes: everyone brings water to their mill, ” the Kremlin leader attacked. Among the pending examinations that have raised the most dust has been the one being carried out by the European Medicines Agency , which still does not give its approval.

During the winter, on several occasions Moscow announced that it had presented the request for authorization, an end that was denied shortly after from the headquarters of the European regulatory body for medicines.

The very celebration of the annual Russian meeting of the world of business and business, known by the nickname of ‘Russian Davos’, constitutes a whole statement by the Kremlin to the world, which wants to imply that it is leaving the pandemic behind.

The Russian president has taken advantage of his speech to announce the practical completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline and to publicize a series of measures to combat climate change and preserve the environment, such as the issuance of “green bonds” and the expansion of the wooded area in the Russian Federation.

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